Postbox Type Safe

Postbox type safes
 Model: AS-8MK DW PB.
Post box type safe. (Put the money inside the safe w/o opening it)
Size: 24"W x 24"D x 30"H.
Wt: 450kg(approx.)
Postbox type safe manufacturers
 Model AS-1ST slote
Slote Type.
Standard Numerical Lock with Manual Locking-Unlocking System.
Size : 15"W X 13"D X 12"H

Wt: SW-20 Kg. DW-40 Kg.

Postbox type safe suppliers
 Model AS-3ST DW PB
Post Box Type Safe.
Size : 18"W X 19"D X 24"H
Wt: SW-60 Kg. DW-135 Kg.
 As-3.EM.DW.Slope AS-3 AS 3 Slope Type Loading

Postbox type safe manufacturers in india
 Model: AS-9MK DW STL
Slope Type Loading
Size: 24"W X 21"D X 36"H
Wt. : 480 Kg.(Approx)
Above photograph is of Double wall(DW) safe. Single wall available.   
Lockbar in both the directions.
Other variants of locking system also available in this size.

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